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MVP: independent selection and creation of orders for the formation of an individual structural product

Solid Bootstrap Progress. You can participate!

By METRICS Directions last posted v. Dec 11, 2020


Bootstrap has been done langsyne

Bootstrap initial version for selecting a user product formation strategy was initially implemented in an Excel-based algorithm and deployed in the Telegram chat bot.


One of current Bootstrap's big points

Bootstrap's MVP is now available to users, it is based on the technological process of providing a service carried out manually, almost without automation, but in many ways fully functional and with the ability to study and respond flexibly to user responses.


Bootstrap has a highly exhaustive list of software features

The purpose of this Bootstrap is to put the refined functionality into the user interface and automate routine processes, to simplify the selection and ordering process for users.


Bootstrap gives you the freedom to develop

Bootstrap sees as its goals to connect additional strategy providers to the system and increase the number of channels for executing user orders, including DeFi solutions, scaling the project.

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