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Open an adweiser-enabled account in a safe place, build a portfolio of structural products, automate your processes



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adviser support

Interactive Brokers offers a number of client accounts that are specialized for the needs of private traders, investors, and institutions. View the list and features of the account structure and select the required one. Maintenance involves creating an individual invitation to open Individual or Organization accounts with connection to the Advisor Master account. You will get a tool for pricing almost any investment portfolio options.


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one-time service

The service for structuring a conditional portfolio of assets in the amount of the equivalent of €100K. The resulting strategy can be used as a test for this type of investment, or for independently forming your own portfolio.
You can pre-get free advice on choosing the composition and proportions of the financial structural product according to the risk-return parameters, or leave the choice at the discretion of the adviser. In this case, the option of structuring with 100% capital protection and based on the current market situation will be selected.


problem statement analysis


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The work of the first stage consists in the analysis and approving of the document - the statement of the problem. A problem statement defines the problem faced and also identifies what the solution would look like.
It can be seen as the starting point for coming up with a product vision. In defining the problem statement draft, be sure to include these elements:
The problem: what is the problem arised?
What it affects: indicate the entities affected by the problem.
Impact: what is the impact or consequence of the problem?
Solution: include your recommendation for solving the problem.