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Where to place available funds in the financial market, who to turn to for help, how to realize  your plans and do it technologically and reliably?


1. Stocks - there is a probability of significant income, but also unlimited loss;

2. Deposits - promise a fixed, but relatively small percentage;

3. Structural products - you will receive special characteristics, the potential for increased profitability and at the same time protection from market risk to receive a loss!

Structural financial products provide the investor with interesting options. However, the result is largely determined by the selected option strategy included in the structural product. The choice of parameters of assets placed in fixed-yield instruments is also important, but their financial return is known in advance and does not require active formation and maintenance. At the same time, the competent addition of derivatives to the portfolio for building a personal structural financial product is important and provides a wide additional range of opportunities.

On our channel, chat bot consultant will help you pre-model the portfolio and assess the prospects for investment. Turning to an adviser specializing in option strategies will greatly help to find a solution that meets the individual requirements of the investor. An example of choosing the composition and proportions of a financial structural product according to risk-return parameters is given below. An adviser can always get a free consultation  and open an account with a reputable broker  for storage and operations with his assets.
For the convenience of investors, a unique concept of user access to complex financial products has been developed and implemented.  The basis for decision support is the core of analysis, calculation and provision of alternatives. The developed automated integrated system of a robo-adviser, using external modules, allows you to connect IT systems of market participants from the selection stage to execution. Our team has its own significant experience in developing high-speed real-time information flow processing units and can offer services in this direction. By setting the client’s task, we can also develop the necessary modules for the execution of data flow processing algorithms.

Formed structural financial products, including investment strategies suitable for you, can be presented in the form of NFT (non-fungible tokens on the blockchain). This provides additional opportunities for automating position taking, expiration, settlements, as well as the possibility, if necessary, of transferring/selling to third parties their rights on the purchased product.